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Lexingington Sign Shop | Block Individual


Abbott Image Solutions is a national sign company, but that doesn’t mean that we only serve the needs of large businesses. We’re proud to have the ability to serve every kind of client from photographers and car club members to home business owners and the individual consumer. We offer many solutions with our new line of home décor and photography products, vinyl decals and vehicle magnets, business cards and marketing materials, and much more. No need is too small and we work hard to satisfy all of our clients, big and small.

Lexingington Sign Shop | Block Small Business


At AIS we know how important small business and local organizations are to their communities. We serve them every day, and our company was founded on the same concepts.We’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the local economy, and we want to be a partner for small businesses and help them thrive. Our team listens to our clients’ ideas and plans for what could be, and we’ll turn those into what should be. We want to be there every step of the way and make what can be a sometimes overwhelming process, a smooth and simple one. Signage is such an important part of being a small business owner or local organization, and that advertisement is key. Abbott Image Solutions understands that, and we want to help you grow.

Lexingington Sign Shop | Regional Organizations


AIS has years of experience in working with regional companies and organizations, and we pride ourselves on the relationships that we have formed and maintained. We understand the challenges that come with an ever‐changing culture and it’s our job to control and adapt to those changes so that our clients don’t have to. Our goal is to create a partnership that continually reassures the client that we can provide a solution to every obstacle they face. Our project management team ensures that every project is handled seamlessly and meticulously, from design to installation. Our design team is experienced in brand management, and can also provide rebranding while working hand in hand with the client and/or their design or architectural firm. Our production and installation team takes great care to manufacture our clients’ signage, and their attention to detail reflects the pride that we at AIS, take in our relationships and in our work. Having our clients’ full trust is not something we take lightly, and we make it our most important job to assure that they can expect excellence every time.

Lexingington Sign Shop | National Companies


As a national company ourselves, we know what it takes to operate on such a large level. We recognize the professional standards that are required, we know that maintaining a brand at a national level is essential, and we understand how important it is to have incredible strength in your management team. At AIS, we constantly imagine ways in which to create solutions that inspire excellence among our clients and their target audience. While we may not be locally or regionally located our work continues to speak for itself, and you can rely on our trusted and professional vendors to install the signage we provide with the same great care and respect that we would convey. Our team is experienced in managing projects from any distance, including overseas, and there is no obstacle too large for us to handle. We don’t consider ourselves just a sign company; we’re a solutions specialist. We’re proud to have strong relationships with our national clients, and we’re grateful for the trust that we continue to prove they can instill in us.

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