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Vinyl banner are excellent for communicating a message or brand quickly and effectively. Banners are a great temporary solution for a company that may be waiting on signage to be produced or is still working on narrowing down exactly what permanent signage they want to have installed. Many businesses also use banners to announce upcoming events or construction. Retail spaces, for instance, often use banners to advertise for open tenant space, or a store promotion of some kind. Vinyl banners are made quickly, and can be installed with ease, so they’re a great temporary option for any use.

At AIS, we offer vinyl banners in a variety of colors and most sizes can be made in-house. Banners can be digitally printed, which is our most popular banner, as well as, with cut vinyl. Depending on where a client chooses to display their banner, they can be made with or without a UV protectant to keep the sun from fading the color, etc. Grommets and wind slits are always available, while the client may install their banner with ease, at ground level, or on a higher surface, AIS is happy to do so, too. Clients of ours that order banners often include: schools, parks, churches, non- profit organizations, banks, hospitals, and retail locations.

Our design team is experienced in arranging a client’s banner design to produce the best, most attractive look, and our project management team will research thoroughly the area the banner is to be displayed to ensure that it follows any temporary sign codes that may be in place. Our production team is happy to install all banners, but can also provide install advice to any client that wishes to do so themselves. At AIS, every client’s product is important to us, whether it be a large channel letter set, or a small vinyl banner. Our dedication to your brand is the same.

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Finishes: Numerous Colors and Sizes Available

Specifications & Materials: Digital Print, Cut Vinyl, with or with UV protectant


  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Churches
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Businesses
  • Retail locations
  • Anywhere you want to convey a message and do not necessarily wish to have the banner up long term.

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