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Exposure is one of the most important needs a business has in order to be successful. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to let people know they exist and bring them in. There is no better way to attract new customers than to have vehicle signage. Vehicle signage is, what we like to call, a mobile billboard. Consider all the cars your company vehicles pass on the highway every day- that’s a lot of potential business! Vehicle graphics catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians alike, and provide constant, effective message communication.

Vehicle signage can be done on any type of vehicle: cars, vans, trucks, and semis; even company equipment! Vehicle signage comes in many different options, too. A business can choose to do something simple and to the point like magnets. Magnets can be applied anywhere on the vehicle, and they’re easily removable so that you can find the best place for exposure. Another option is to do vinyl lettering. Include your company name, phone number, tagline, website, logo etc. anywhere on the vehicle that you wish to convey your message. There can be a little bit of lettering and graphics, or there can be a lot. You can also choose to have the vehicle done in a vinyl wrap. Wraps are done in full color digital print, and you can choose a full wrap or a half wrap- whichever suits your brand the best.

Vehicle signage is an extremely popular way to advertise your business or message. You can’t drive down the highway without seeing some sort of vehicle signage. At AIS, we do many types of vehicle signage, and we love to see our designs come to life for a client because we know how successful that kind of exposure will be for them. Are you ready to expand your brand and attract new customers just by driving from one place to the next? Give us a call for a quote today. We can’t wait to get started.

AIS has years of experience in vehicle graphics such as:

  • Wraps
  • Vinyl Graphics and Lettering
  • Magnetics

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