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Here at Abbott Image Solutions one of the things we most pride ourselves on is having the ability to handle the client’s project in its entirety from beginning to end. One of the ways we do this is by providing every client with a project manager. There are many people involved in the process and project management works closely with our entire team of estimators, designers, and production staff and installers to ensure a successful completion that is within the expected time frame. They also work with local governments and landlords to be sure that all zoning and signage codes are closely followed, that all proper permits are approved, and a tight schedule is maintained; as well as, working hand in hand with engineers and contractors also on the job to arrange schedules and inspections, if needed. At AIS, we understand that a client’s brand is the top priority, and we know how important it is to have one point of contact to manage every aspect of a sometimes overwhelming process.


Just as AIS provides project management for each client, we also have an experienced team of designers to accompany every project, as well. Our designers offer full logo creation and branding, as well as, brand management for anyone from small businesses to national corporations. The team has the ability to offer a range of design options such as: conceptual design, product and marketing design, and even interior design. Our in-house team can also provide any necessary drawings needed in order to abide by a jurisdiction’s signage codes and restrictions. Moreover, by providing necessities such as permit and structural drawings, site plans, and engineer and electrical drawings we make it so that AIS is the only call our client has to make.


At AIS our biggest belief is that how you imagine your signage and branding could be is how it should be, and it’s our job to make that happen. In order to do that, however, we need to see every aspect of what it currently is. Whether existing signage is present or we have a blank canvas to work with, we will perform a full survey so that we can maximize the fullest potential of the client’s signage area. Our survey includes photos of every angle, including the surrounding area, and measurements of every area that presents an opportunity for signage. AIS will complete a survey within our 4 hour radius, but can complete them for national clients, as well. In those cases, our project manager will supply a trusted vendor in that area to perform


We are proud to employ a group of experienced installation technicians to install the signage that is so important to our clients. Our team consists of highly qualified, professional installers that perform their jobs with great care and respect. They work hand in hand with our designers and project management so that when they arrive onsite there are no questions and no hiccups. Our client can trust in our installers to complete the process and provide a finished product that represents their brand in the best way possible. Just as we do with surveys, we also perform installations for other sign vendors that have a project in our area, and our team provides the same excellent quality that you can always expect from us. We’re happy to install within our 4 hour radius, and again, if an install falls outside of that radius, our project management team will hire a trusted vendor that can install the signage with the same care and attention to detail that we would give.


Abbott Image Solutions understands that not everyone needs new signage; sometimes clients have existing signage that needs attention. Signs need regular maintenance like anything else, and our team offers full service and maintenance on all signage, parking lot lighting, flag poles, directional signage updates, tenant sign updates, timers and sensors, etc. We are able to perform a LED retrofit on any signs with existing neon or fluorescent lighting, and we’re available for full facility management for places such as malls or shopping plazas, banking branches, restaurant franchises, and hospitals. AIS also provides maintenance programs for required or desired yearly structural inspections and seasonal outage inspections. Service, maintenance, and retrofit services are offered on the local, regional, and national level just like the rest of our services; and we’re happy to provide them for other sign vendors, as well.


At AIS, we fabricate most of our own signage, structures, and displays. With a team of experienced and certified fabricators our clients can trust that their orders are done safely, correctly, and are made to last. The paint used on everything we produce is long lasting and will never chip, and that’s applied in our onsite paint booth. Also located in our shop is a state of the art CNC router that, by a computer guided system, will cut and engrave most materials with extreme accuracy and detail. We want to be absolutely sure that everything that leaves our site for installation or shipment will exceed our client’s expectations, and by having all of the tools necessary right here, in-house, we can guarantee that.


In addition to maintenance and signage service, we also offers bucket truck and crane services. This allows our trained technicians to assist our clients with their “higher” needs in a safe and professional manner.


AIS is a fully UL listed manufacturer. Being listed with UL means that everything we produce is tested and certified to meet UL’s strict electrical standards. We are committed to not only providing a solution for our clients’ every need, but ensuring that every product leaving our shop surpasses any and all safety codes. As a UL listed manufacturer, our clients can rest assured knowing that their electrical products are of the highest quality.

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