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Candle Lite


Candle‐Lite is one of the leading candle manufacturers in the country, and with their 175th anniversary rapidly approaching, they reached out to us for help. They were in need of a new logo and new signage for their campus in Leesburg, OH. Many of their existing signs were made from wood, and the weather had started to take a toll. Working closely with Candle‐Lite we came up with a new logo that had a modern look while still reflecting the company’s rich history. We removed the old signage and replaced it with new, more weather resistant signage that will never rot or decay, we painted their logo on the side of one of the buildings with a paint that won’t require any kind of touch up for 7‐10 years, and we were able to get everything fabricated and installed for them before their 175th anniversary celebration! We, of course, came through and delivered it for them early! Our clients’ needs are extremely important to us, and we will find a solution for them every time.


Dan came to us at the beginning of the year with a problem. His store in Fairborn, OH lacked signage and his customers didn’t know where to find him. Furthermore, he was spending a lot of time on the road visiting customers with flooring examples, but out of the hundreds of cars he drove alongside every day, none of them knew what that big van was for and he was missing out on a lot of potential business. We jumped into action. We went to Dan’s store location and took a look at all of his signage possibilities, and our designer got to work on a full wrap for Dan’s van.

We were able to give Dan a wrap that not only lets potential customers know who he is, but they can see the kind of work he offers, the brands he carries, and all the ways they can contact him. Now Dan doesn’t just have a van, he has a “Mobile Showroom!”We didn’t stop with the van wrap, however. We installed new faces for the pylon sign that stands in the Dan the Carpet Man parking lot, and now his customers can’t miss him. Soon we will be manufacturing and installing new building signage and window vinyl onto the store and advertising will be the last thing Dan needs to worry about.


Dan The Carpet Man
Tanger Outlets


AIS isn’t just a sign company, and the proof is in our name. We are a solutions company,and Tanger Outlets in Jeffersonville, OH has found that to be true. We understand that there’s much more to running such a large space than just keeping up with signage; a mall has an entire facility to manage and we’re happy to do so. At Tanger we are the preferred contractor to service all signage, remove and install signage and provide blade signs for each tenant.We’ve also performed inspections of all of Tanger’s pylon signs and flag poles, hired an engineer to do the official inspections of those when needed, and repaired cable and damage done to directional signage, doors, and drywall, among other things. Tanger can count on us to manage their facility, and we’re happy to take away the burden of having to call and maintain multiple contractors for multiple issues. We want to do the work so you don’t have to!


Hadley Farms came to us with a need for a new sign. They brought in their old sign and showed us why. The old sign, obviously very weathered, was made from plywood and the images were painted on, but so faded that you couldn’t really distinguish what they were. They wanted the same sign, and we gave them one better. Our designer replicated their sign and instead of using wood, which weathers easily and quickly, and almost always calls for replacement, we used a 1″ PVC material. The images were formed on our computerized router table, and it was painted with high quality, long lasting paint. Hadley Farms’ new sign is beautiful and completely resistant to rot and decay, making it the last sign they’ll ever need to buy.

Hadley Farms


Timbertech is a leading manufacturer of decking and railing solutions located here in Wilmington. Their recent merge with Azek required a rebranding, and they knew just the company to call. We didn’t just replace their interior and exterior signage; we gave everything an updated, modern look. Their monument sign, for example, was designed by our team and built from the ground up, from the brick base to the aluminum letters. The windows had a covering that made the building look old and outdated. We covered those with a bronze finish that gave the building an updated and fresh look. The awning over Timbertech’s entrance was old and worn so we replaced it with a new canvas, and added new exterior letters above the entrance, as well. Inside, we relocated the current Timbertech logo, and added Azec below it with all aluminum letters; and all of the existing interior signs were replaced with new aluminum wall signs. The rebranding gave the entire building, inside and out, a new look and anew feel. This is a project that we here at AIS are incredibly proud of.


Staffmark is a national employment agency that is continuously expanding. With expansion comes new locations and relocations, and that’s where we come in. Staffmark has a lot to consider when a new location opens up. We take the worry of signage and everything involved completely off of their plate. All Staffmark has to do is call and let us know where their new location is going to be, or where signage is needed, and our process begins. We have partnered with Staffmark in coming up with sign standards for every location so that they never have to worry about their brand standards being even the slightest bit off. We take care of the entire process, communicate with landlords, location managers, city officials, and other sign vendors, if needed, fabricate the signage, and we make sure that the process is a smooth onewith an impressive outcome every time. We’re so grateful to have such a great workin grelationship with Staffmark, and we take pride in the trust they have instilled in us over the years.

Wright Patt Credit Union


Wright Patt Credit Union is a regional credit union that we are privileged to have a relationship with. Similar to Staffmark, when it comes to signage we handle all the work for them. WPCU can rest easy knowing that we are able to service, update, or fabricate and install any sign at any location, manage their brand, and work hand in hand with their designers and marketing team. Wright Patt depends on us to work in a sometimes tight time frame and to work directly with their construction team when it comes to scheduling and installing the needed signage; and we make it a point to ensure that the signage process is a smooth one every time.

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