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Why Wall Signs?

Wall signs, or flat panels, are a great, option for signage when a budget doesn’t allow for channel letters, sign cabinets, etc. Wall signs provide very visible signage as it’s typically mounted directly over the entrance of a business, and because they can be mounted directly to the fascia, with no other backing or structure needed, they’re a very economical option. Because these signs can mount directly to the fascia they also face less regulation and tend to come with a higher square footage allowance.


Materials and Options

Most wall signs are made of acrylic, polycarbonate, or PVC material, and most often are digitally printed. This provides another advantage to wall signs: more information than just the business name can be included on them such as, a business phone number or tagline. Wall signs are seen everywhere, and we provide them for many clients, including: retail locations, schools, hospitals, factories, apartment complexes, etc.


Our Wall Sign Services

At AIS our design team will make the most out of a flat wall sign, ensuring the brand on the sign gets the same exposure as surrounding signs, and our project management team will carefully check codes and size requirements to be sure that the client maximizes their signage space. We’d love to help – request a quote for wall signage today!

Wall Signage
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