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Projecting Signs are a Great Addition to Any Business’ Storefront

In areas where sign codes regulate only flat, wall signs, projecting signs offer additional signage and help to attract foot traffic to a location. These types of signs are frequently found in outdoor shopping retail centers or small street shop areas where businesses depend on foot traffic from other stores to bring in new customers. Often times, you’ll find projecting signs in a city’s historical district because of the classic look they tend to provide.


Customized for your Business

Our projecting signs can be made with several different materials to choose from, including: aluminum, high density polyethylene, wood, (although we don’t recommend using wood, unless it’s specifically required by the area’s sign code,) polymetal, and PVC; and can be finished with numerous colors and textures. We can also provide different options in terms of hardware and hanging brackets in order to stay with the design of the projecting sign.


Our Projecting Signs Service

At Abbott Image Solutions, our design team works directly with the client to ensure that their projecting signs not only fits their brand, but fits in with any surrounding signs, while at the same time, standing out as a representation of a superior business. Our project management team will educate themselves and the rest of the team on the area’s sign codes and ensure that the sign is made within regulation; and our installation team will take great care in installing the sign to the required height and projecting width. AIS is committed to making sure that our clients take advantage of every opportunity to get noticed.

Projecting Sign

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