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Pylon Signs Get Your Business Noticed From Afar

Want to stand out from the pack? When every customer exposure directly impacts your bottom line, a pylon sign is the way to go! These free-standing signs are taller than monument signs and can soar high above your business’s building. Pylon signs can be seen from long distances and are great for catching the eye of motorists on busy roads and highways, making it possible to distinguish yourself from other nearby businesses. Pylon signs generate leads for your business better than any other type of outdoor sign.



Custom Pylon Signs

At AIS, we can customize a pylon sign to fit your specific branding needs, and our pylons can be made for any type or business or organization, including those that need multiple tenant or companies listed. We have numerous materials, finishes, colors, and shapes available. We also offer multiple heights and dimensions, and even the option to have the sign illuminated or non-illuminated! Additionally, you can choose to have your pylon sign fabricated with traditional signage, or go a more modern route with a digital or illuminated sign. Some clients we’ve provided pylons to include restaurants, shopping centers, and hospitals.



From Design to Installation

Our project management team will make absolutely sure that every project is handled seamlessly and meticulously, from design to installation. We will also research the area’s sign codes and educate our design and production teams on these so your sign complies with all regulations. Our design team is experienced in brand management, and can also provide rebranding while working hand in hand with the client and/or their design or architectural firm. Finally, our production team’s superior attention to detail will ensure your sign is installed correctly, securely, and with care. At AIS, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our philosophy: Imagine. Create. Inspire.


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