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Advantages of Dimensional Lettering & Signs

If you’re looking for an exterior sign for your business, and you want to do a little more than a flat, wall sign – but aren’t quite ready to invest into channel letters or cabinets – dimensional letters and signs are a great option!

Dimensional letters and signs offer a more upscale look than just a flat wall sign – quite literally standing out to passing potential customers! Dimensional Letter signs signify an investment in your company’s branding while being a bit more economical than other signage choices.


Dimensional Lettering Options

Dimensional lettering can be made with numerous colors, textures, and thickness; and are typically made out of PVC, acrylic, and cut metal.

We make all dimensional signs in-house, and we’ve done many for our current clients and their businesses, including shopping centers, government buildings, factories, restaurants, and more! Our experienced design team will help to create an eye-catching sign or a set of letters, and our project management team will work carefully to ensure that your sign meets all standards and regulations. With AIS, it’s that simple.


Dimensional Letter Signage Pricing

At Abbott Image Solutions, we want to serve you best – and our best service starts with properly understanding the needs of your business and developing a quote accordingly. Interested in taking the next step and getting dimensional lettering for your business? Request a quote below!

Dimensional Logos
Dimensional Logo Cut Metal

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