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Channel Letter Signage

If a business wants to signify a larger investment in their brand to their client, channel letters are the way to go. They offer a unique opportunity to present a brand and logo in individually-lettered form, and indicate a business that takes attracting new customers seriously.


Custom Channel Letters For Your Business

There are many different options when it comes to channel letters. As far as finishes go, they can be painted aluminum, digital print, or cut vinyl. Additionally, they can be internally illuminated or halo lit, and they can be done in almost any size, color, and font. We can even offer changeable colors for different settings or events! Most channel letters are aluminum with acrylic or polycarbonate faces. We have a variety of mountings for channel letters, ranging from channel letters by raceway, standoffs, or flush mount. Many different businesses use channel letters, (i.e.: Toys R Us,) and provide great storefront signage for retail stores, shopping centers, government buildings, churches, restaurants, factories, and hospitals.


From Signage Design to Installation

A lot goes into acquiring the right signage for your business, and channel letters are no exception. AIS is here to help – our design team will work closely with the client to ensure their brand is represented in the best possible way, and our project management team will ensure that all needed permits are in place, all approvals are received, and the installation is completed in a timely manner. Our installation team is incredibly experienced with channel letter signage and will install it correctly and with care.


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Channel Letters On Raceway
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