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Why Blade Signage?

Blade signs are a great asset for businesses that see a lot of pedestrian traffic. They typically hang down in front of a business’ entrance, and similar to directional signage, they alert customers to their location. Blade signs are most often found in shopping centers/malls, downtown business areas, and historical business districts.


Blade Signs Design

Our custom blade signs can be made with aluminum, PVC, etc., and can be fabricated with numerous colors and textures. Our design team can work incorporate any business’ brand and/or logo onto the sign, and we can comply with any mall or district standards for tenant blade signs. In fact, for a local retail outlet AIS handles all blade sign orders. They point all tenants in our direction; and we educate the tenant on the standards, and produce their order. Need blade signage for your business? Request a quote today!

Blade Sign

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