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Why Wall Murals?

Office wall murals are a great option for businesses that have large spaces where an image or message is desired but want to go a different route than a traditional sign. Murals offer the same branding that a typical sign would, but on a medium that stands out from most other signage. Maybe you want your logo, a motivational quote, or a great design to spruce up the office – wall murals are for you! Painting your company name, message, etc. is a permanent option that signifies a real investment in the staying power of a business to your customers and employees.


Quality Murals Customized for your Business

When developing and implementing murals, AIS uses only the highest quality paints. Murals can be done both on the interior and exterior of your location, complete with a matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish. Murals are also a great alternative to other permanent signage solution and can help businesses avoid the expenses of services that usually come with signage, like servicing and light replacement. Not only do murals provide the same advantages that a typical sign would, but the paint used won’t fade with the sun and won’t require additional coats for several years to come!


Wall Murals Design, Construction & Painting

Our design team can come up with a creative, eye-catching mural to attract new customers and impress your existing client base. We have extremely talented painters on our production team here at AIS, and we guarantee a finished mural that exceeds your expectations.


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Office Wall Murals

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