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Is Your Business in Need of Menu Boards?

We can help you out with that! Generally used in restaurants where a high quality, heat resistant material is needed, menu boards offer the ability to display digital graphics and imagery along with the menu contents. AIS’ interchangeable menu boards can be updated quickly, as needed, which will help set your boards apart from other boards that remain stagnant, with the same information, and risk looking outdated.


Digital and Vinyl Menu Boards

At AIS, our menu boards can be customized digital print or cut vinyl, and can be produced with several different materials, including: aluminum, polymetal, polycarbonate, acrylic, or printable PVC. Typically, our menu boards are installed using standoffs, (puck mounted,) in order to provide a more upscale appearance. If your business is in need of menu boards that stand out from other run of the mill menu boards, contact us for a quote today! Our design team can work with your brand and provide a product that is both eye-catching and informative, and our experienced production crew will install your menu boards quickly and correctly so that you can enhance your customer’s experience as soon as possible.

Restaurant Menu

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