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Dry erase whiteboards are perfect for collaborative teamwork, brainstorming, and clear communication At Abbott Image Solutions, we know the value a great dry erase board can add to a project or team meeting where organization and clear notes are key. With a re-usable surface, ideas can be kept concise and fresh.

As with all of our signage, dry erase boards are designed to your specific needs. Permanent images like logos, charts, or calendars can be printed according to your business needs and applied directly to the surface. Whiteboards can be created to be stationary on a wall, with a white finish or clear glass, or mobile to be moved from room to room. We can also apply the dry erase to a magnetic material, as one client often orders, so that graphics can be easily moved and attached to any part of their factory floor at any time.

Finishes: White, Clear for Glass

Specifications & Materials: Melamine, Painted Aluminum, Tempered Glass, porcelain, hardcoat laminate


  • Factories
  • Business offices
  • Schools and Universities
  • Anywhere that creative brainstorming and communication are needed
Large Dry Erase Whiteboard
Dry Erase 2
Dry Erase 3

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