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    • Leader’s Support
      Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills
    • MacBook
      And additional accessories. We provide our employees with the best equipment
    • Merit Based Pay
      The harder you work and the more you help your department succeed the more money you can make
    • Fast Paced Career Path
      Opportunities for professional development, promotions and pay increases based on your performance
    • Sales Lead Program
      Any Sales Lead that is invoiced in the amount of $250 or more will receive $25
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    1. Grow yourself and your team
    Having ambition and working towards career goals is a wonderful thing, and we want to fully support you on your path. Just remember as you grow here be mindful of the people around you and learn how to not only better yourself individually but also your team of Dayton Ohio Custom Signage experts.

    2. Act in a way that makes all of us proud
    We are all in this together and everything you say and do, whether internally or publically, reflects on us. We all deserve
    respect, and one way to make sure we get it is by holding ourselves accountable for our own actions.

    3. Exceed expectations
    Never settle for okay, good enough or could be better. When you know you can and should do better, do it. It isn’t about measuring your performance against that of others it’s about giving yourself permission to go the extra mile and do work you can be proud of.

    4. Ask questions, state your opinions, how can we better our projects and our company?
    Here at AIS we appreciate and encourage openness and constructive feedback, encourage it even! Trust your gut and your knowledge, even if you need to question your team leader or CEO, do it. You learn more about Dayton Ohio Custom Signage when you ask questions. As long as you give your thoughts and opinions with respect, you will always be listened to.

    5. Learn from all successes and failures. Grow.
    Don’t ever be afraid to be creative, here at AIS we live outside the box. Sometimes your innovation will pay off, sometimes it won’t and it’s back to the drawing board. That’s how we learn by trying out ideas and looking at our Dayton Ohio Custom Signage results. Failure can be one of our best learning tools if used correctly.

    6. Be Transparent. Be Inclusive. Be Open Minded.
    We need to be proactive in the way we present ourselves every day. We want everyone to have a voice and more importantly know that they are heard.

    7. Recognize excellence and engagement
    What others think of you should never be your most important concern, but we all know the value of well-earned respect and constructive feedback. Validation and recognition are important and here at AIS we make sure this is given to all employees.


    Here at AIS, our Dayton Ohio Custom Signage designers hold a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders. Whether it be putting hours into graphic design, creating an idea out of thin air or turning our clients vision for their business into a profound reality, they do it all here. We work with a very diverse clientele so our designers could create a family mural for someone’s kitchen and later that same day design the outer display for an entire regional bank. Respectable, ready to take on any challenge, constantly going outside the box while also able to follow precise directions, this is what we need. We need individuals who are creative, have an eye for detail and are willing and excited to learn and grow here with our team.

    Determined, goal oriented and an aggressive desire to succeed. These are some of the traits you will find in our sales team here at AIS. Our team is profound in their ability to serve and help others in our local community and those who are states away. There are a long list of responsibilities attached to this job, communication, creativity and the ability to follow through with the promises you’ve made to the clients counting on you are just a few. If you have the desire to push yourself to the limit and truly test your abilities we are the business for you.


    Abbott Image Solutions | WHY

    Here at AIS we have an extraordinary team of diversely talented people in our production team. We have Welders, Painters, Vinyl Fabricators, Painters and so much more. This is where the magic happens! Everyone else’s hard work is rewarded by watching this idea turn into a real life product. Another perk of this career is the constant change of pace, whether it be job, location or responsibilities they will always be something new coming along. If you are driven and up for a challenge, eager to grow your skill set and love to be creative this is the job for you.

    Grow in Your Career!
    If you are looking for a company in growth mode, a company that makes you feel at home and like family, reach out to Abbott Image Solutions and join the top Dayton Ohio Custom Signage manufacturing company, and the top sign shop in all of Ohio. We go above and beyond to create a culture that cultivates imagination, design and inspiration. We’re all about taking our clients vision, and turning it into a functional reality for them. To join a team committed to excellence, with exceptional career opportunity for you with a Dayton Ohio Custom Signage company, apply online today!


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