Queue & Line Signage

Queue & Line Signage For Your Business


Queue signage offers a prime opportunity to expose your brand or message to customers that is both subtle and effective. Queue lines are typically placed in areas where people are waiting in line for service, (banks, movie theatres, etc.,) and AIS’ queue signage is made up of aluminum posts with acrylic, aluminum, or polycarbonate advertising sections connecting each section. Branding, etc., can be placed right inside the post frame giving the business the ability to advertise to a captive audience.


Queue & Line signage can be moved at any time, easily and quickly, to rearrange its setup. It can also be updated easily as the message changes. If you’re in need of queue signage to organize your waiting area and expand your exposure, please let us know! We’d happy to take a look at your space and advise on the best branding or advertising to be placed throughout the queue line frames, as well. AIS is not just a sign company; we make it our job to find solutions for your every branding need – get a queue and line signage quote today! 

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