Posters & Frames

Need A Poster For Your Business?


Posters, generally used in locations where high quality imagery is desired, are an effective and economical means of communication and advertisement for a business, event, etc. Posters are also a very convenient type of signage as they can be placed or hung, and continually moved, wherever they will obtain the best exposure.


Custom Poster Frames and Printing


At AIS we offer posters in numerous sizes, and in a matte, semi- gloss, or photo finish, and posters can be produced with or without framework. Posters can be made with a thin, poster board type of material, printable PVC, and even polymetal. In fact, AIS produces all the theatre posters for a local college’s theatre department, and their posters always stand out printed onto polymetal and finished with a protective laminate. Posters can be used anywhere and are often seen in hospitals, banks, movie theatres, restaurants, etc. Are you interested in having your business’ images turned into posters? Reach out to us for a quote! We’d love to assist.

If you’re ready for additional signage to increase your brand exposure, message, etc. reach out to us for a quote today!